Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Highlights of 2011

2011 was a great year ! Here are some of my favorite moments :

travelling to Munich on my own

going to Ultra Music Festival in Miami

hosting my dear friend Sandra for her first trip ever to the United States

finishing my senior thesis project

hosting a brunch for all of my girl friends before graduating

graduating !

going to Chicago with Taylor and her family to see her graduate


going to St. Thomas with Sean and Marissa

moving to Denmark !

running the DHL with my coworkers

going to Oktoberfest in Munich

meeting my love at a rave

planning intern festivus
going to Rome with my love

having my family in Copenhagen for Christmas

celebrating New Years with my love !!! <3

Jul og Nytår i Danmark !

Better late than never !!

Spending Cristmas in Copenhagen was amazing ! I celebrated with my collegues 2 times in December once with an entire company wide party, and then a smaller gathering for only interns, which I helped plan. They really got me into the holiday spirit !

entire staff of DIS

the gingerbread decorating room at intern festivus

a wholesome Christmas party soon turned into this

I got to celebrate an early Christmas with my lovely Palmar where he cooked me a fantastic meal of his specialty : mung dal.

These beautiful flowers flowers were on the table at our dinner, and my dear friend Olivia gave me the pug portrait !

The next day, I met my amazing family at Copenhagen airport and prepared to spend Christmas in our fabulous rented apartment for 1 week.

For Christmas dinner I made: pork tenderloin with an apple chutney, roasted vegetables, cream cheese and chive mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach ! For dessert we had 2 traditional Danish desserts: ris ala mand (like rice pudding with chopped almonds in it with a warm cherry sauce on top) and a julekage (Christmas cake - made up of layers of philodough with filled with sugary filling and rasins)

pumpkin pancakes on Christmas morning where we were celebrating with my Danish friend Sandra, showing her how we would do a traditional American Christmas. We also had fruit salad and mimosas at breakfast :) followed by an afternoon of presents, skyping with family back in the United States, and watching A Muppet Christmas CarolJustin really got into the giving holiday spirit

one night we went to Tivoli - an amusement park in downtown Copenhagen - where they had the whole park decorated for Christmas with a Russian theme.

I had a fabulous New Years celebrating with Palmar, his cousin Edda, his brothers, and a bunch of his long time frineds. Palmar and Edda prepared an amazing meal for 16 people and we had a fabulous party in Edda's festivally decorated apartment !

beautifully decorated dinner table

our amazing hostess putting the final touches on homemade creme brulee ! soo good !

me and my lovely love !! (and kurt cobain ??)