Monday, May 30, 2011

3 Pepper Salad with Shrimp

This recipe was influenced by one of my favorite bloggers, Jenna from Eat,Live,Run. I used her shrimp taco recipe for inspiration and made a salad with three different varieties of peppers, avocado, and corn, along with other delicious and fresh ingredients. The peppers I used ranged from sweet to hot and spicy, and the variety gave the salad a lot of bright colors.

It was really simple to make. First, I chopped up the cilantro, tomato, peppers, and avocado and put them into a bowl of spinach. To cut the avocado into chunks I used a technique my friend Sandra always uses : cut the avocado in half the long way, pull it apart, cut into it a few times horizonally and vertically, and then flip the peel inside out and use your fingers or a spoon to release the chunks you have made. This is a good technique to give the pieces and even size and to help them keep their shape - because sometimes avocado can get pretty slimy and messy (mmmm guacamole !!).

I used frozen shrimp so I defrosted them under warm running water, pulled off the tails and threw them in with the rest of the chopped ingredients. While they were defrosting, I boiled some water and cooked an ear of corn in it for 5 minutes, then cut it off of the cob and combined it into the salad. The final touch was roughly 3 tablespoons of lime juice.

This salad was sooo good ! So many colors, textures, and flavors - it was completely satisfying and still super healthy. My favorite was the contrast between the sweet corn and the spicy pepperocini. I will definitely be making this again, and next time I will put in more of the spicy pepper !

Ingredients :

2 cups of spinach

1 fist sized bunch of cilantro

1/2 yellow bell pepper

1/2 poblano pepper

1/4 spicy pepperocini pepper (I was afraid to over do it with the heat, but next time I will definitely use 1/2 of the pepper)

1 black avocado

1 medium sized vine tomato

1 cup of frozen shrimp

1 ear of fresh sweet corn on the cob

3 tablespoons of lime juice

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