Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fruit Feast Day 3

I had a dentist's appointment early this morning and did not get home until noonish. My first meal of the day was a large bowl of strawberries and a banana. For a snack I had 3 dates. Then I went out shopping with D-Ma. We went to two different markets in Worcester specializing in Mediterranean and other various ethnic food products. Walking around looking at all of the decilicous goods (baklava, spanakopita, hummus, babaganoosh, homemade pitabread etc) I was starting to get hungry and for the first time since starting my fast I really missed other types of foods. I bought some pomegranate molasses which is a key ingredient in many mediterranian recipes which gives a unique and distinct flavor. I also bought sun-dried tomato and thyme basket feta cheese for the pizza I was making for my family. After shopping I snacked on a banana in the car. When I got home I was still feeling really hungry and snacked on 2 apples while I was making the pizza. Once dinner time finally came, I decided I could reward myself for my hard efforts over the past few days and have one small piece of pizza with a cup of fresh spinach on top. It was still a rather light meal and made for a good transition from fruit fasting back to normal eating patterns.

My goal with the fruit feast was to get my eating habits calmed down so that I could get back on track towards feeling great about my (mental, physical, and spiritual) self as my departure for Denmark gets closer. I was definitely successful at completing this goal and intend on using fruit to curb my sweet snacking cravings from now on.

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