Monday, November 21, 2011

Mission ITpossible

Last week, Joe and I got sent on an emegency mission. Students from our school had been living in a dorm for the last 3 months with pretty much no internet. They had had enough and called in reinforcements to make sure their cries were heard - aka - they had their parents call the school they were studying abroad at and have them complain. Well obviously DIS wanted to right this situation right away, but needed an expert opinion on what steps to take in. This is where Joe and I come in. We had to go out and visit the dorm and asses what the problem was and how we can solve it to make the stuends happy.

At first we felt really cool and important because we got to take a cab and put it on our work credit card, but then I soon realized our task would be far less glamorous than it had first seemed.
I won't bore everyone with the IT details of our mission :P but I'll just tell you it pretty much felt like a wild goose chase leading us into uncharted territories - aka asbestos filled / haunted basements.In the end we decided that the wireless provided at the dorm was basically useless and our school should provide the students with a solution we have control over ourselves, so we ordered USB sticks that provide wireless internet. In total we had to get 46 of them and guess how much they cost - 100,000 kr. which is equal to $20,000 !!! those students better be grateful for what we did for them !!

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