Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update #3

Had breakfast and champagne in the office for my coworker, Joe's, birthday. We over did it with the pastries, bread, cheese, and champagne, so much that no one in the office even had lunch ! My boss, Mads, felt the need to hide the champagne bottle for the picture :P

Made a curry with Olivia with carrots, potatoe, mushooms, onions, coconut milk and cashews

Continued watching the Big Bang Theory (can highly recommend) with Olivia and our German friend, Alex, from our Danish class.

Alex made us a traditional German dish, SpƤtzle, made up of layers of small egg noodles, carmalized onions, cream and loads of cheese.

Started celebrating J-Dag (J-Day is the day where breweries release their special Christmas brew of beers for the season) in the office Friday afternoon.
Saw The Adventures of TinTin in the movie theatre with Palmar (again I would highly recommend!)

Caught up with the Julenissen (Christmas Elves) who were passing out free Christmas beers out of the back of a truck around the city.

Palmar was excited about getting free beers :)

Made a vegan rice and beans dish with tomatoes, broccoli, onions, and chili peppers

And tonight I passed my Module 1 Danish test :D I've been taking classes for 12 weeks now and am now moving onto level 2 ! woop woop !

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