Monday, November 21, 2011


Torvehallerne is a new market that opened this fall in CPH. It is full of gourmet stalls selling a huge range of amazing things like organic vegetables, high quality chocolate, expensive knives, and sushi.

Me and my Palmar went there on Saturday to get food for the meal we were making that night. While we were walking around and checking out all the shops we were intrigued by a coffee bar called the Coffee Collective, which according to their website is a "a specialty coffee micro roastery and coffee consulting company" :P They sell fair trade coffees from around the globe. We tried the coffee of the day from Kenya. It was really unique and unlike any coffee I had ever tried before. It had a fruity taste and to me tasted more like tea than coffee.

they made the coffee by pouring boiling water directly over the grounds in the filter.

Palmar and I were inspired to buy sweet potatoes to use in our dinner but found the ones in the market too expensive so we bought them and a bunch of other fresh vegetables from a farmers market just a few steps away from Torvehallerne, which was still amazing and way cheaper.

yaahhh boyyy

For dinner Palmar made his specialty: mung dal - a stew made of lentils with curry sauce. That with roast vegetables and salad from the farmers market was the perfect dinner, and even better to eat when we woke up on Sunday.

The dal cooking :) I read that if your pot is about to boil over, putting a wooden spoon or fork across the pan, like this, will stop it.
I can tell you that this is untrue.

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