Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update #2

Made an æblekage (apple cake) for my office's weekly meeting / breakfast

Clearly Joe really liked it

Got free Halloween licorice flødeboller and sparking wine from Summerbird - an amazing gourmet chocolatier here in Copenhagen

Had a candy feast / movie night with Olivia. We ate chocolate, gummies, and malted milk balls while watching Clue (one of my favorite fall movies) and the Sex and the City movie in the film viewing room at our school. So hyggeligt ! Next time were bringing blankets and candles !

Co-hosted a party at my apartment where me and my roommate each invited all of our friends. It was such a cozy evening. The pumpkin seeds I saved and toasted were a huge success for a party snack.

Such a Danish thing to do putting the bike that is usually in our hallway in the bathtub to save space during the party

I was inspired by my dear friend Katrina to make this cute and festive decoration for the party

went to a leopard theme rave at bolsja fabriken

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