Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blake's Visit !

So after being in CPH for 1 full day, my good friend from Fordham, Blake, came to visit ! He's been travelling through Europe for the past month and a half and I told him he had to come see Copenhagen. We've just been riding bikes all over the city, been to Christiania 2 times ;), and just chilling at my apartment.

The first day he was here we found him a CityBike, and he's been using it the whole time ! CityBikes are part of a public bike share program were you pay a 20kr deposit, use it for as long as you want, and then return it and receive your deposit back. So convenient. The first day was pretty rainy so after biking around the city for a while, we decided to head home. We stayed in for the night and had two bottles of wine and some lovely snacks. It was still fun just hanging out watching youtube videos and my new favorite TV show : The Inbetweeners - watch here.


Yesterday we went out biking around again and just enjoying the city. We went to Nørrebro, walked around a bit, and did a bit of shopping. At night we were going out, in Nørrebro with some friends from the dorm I lived in when I studied abroad. We started our night at a bar called Kassen. They were having happy hour until 22:00 with 2 for 1 drinks. Sandra and I each had a mojito and a white russian - I forgot how good they are ! After happyhour was over, we moved on to a smaller pub with cheaper drinks. We had some beers there and ended up ordering two rounds of 10 shots - we were a group of 5 ;) Then we left there went to sit in Skt. Hans Torv, and had some beers there too. Then we made our way to our destination for the night - Rust. Its a club with live music. We didn't know who was playing but we all wanted to dance so we went. The act ended up being a really cool Danish ska band called 'Babylove & the van Dangos'. They were really good and it was such a fun concert !

Blake with our tray of shots ! We had half tequila and half Fisk - which is a Danish licorice liquor

drinking in the square

at Rust

This is the video for one of my favorite songs they played :

Today, we've just been chilling. We rode to Strøget - the pedestrian shopping street in downtown Copenhagen. We walked around a bit, saw a freakshow performance in a square with a glass eating man, a contortionist, and the man with the Guinness world record for most hair growing on his was all pretty disturbing if you ask me. Then we went and got icecream cones from Paradis. So yummy. Tonight we're making dinner at my apartment and then who knows.

hehe so true !

Its been nice to have a visitor and to share this city, that I love so much, with someone from back home :D Blake leaves tomorrow to meet up with another one of our friends in Berlin. I will definitely miss him !

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