Friday, July 29, 2011

My Room

When I first arrived to my apartment I was so happy and excited to be here that no matter what I saw, it would have been great. Luckily everything about it was great ! - except for the furniture in my room. There was a twin bed, a table and two chairs, a narrow book shelf, and a children's armoire with space for hanging things, but adult hangers didnt even fit inside of it ! When Blake was visiting me, we had to sleep head to toe in my miniture bed, and it actually wasn't that bad. However, if this was a regular arrangement, it would get very old, very fast. I plan that Sandra will be crashing at my place quite often because of its prime location in the city, so I need to get a larger bed, and also a dresser to put all of my clothes in because the child's armoire just wasnt cutting it. So here are the phases my room has been through already :

original setup - view from walking through the door

original setup - view from far side of room

my stuff stayed like this for a week because I had no where to put it ! it was fine, but getting tiring living out of space bags

the day I arranged to have my new stuff delivered, I was still unable to find a home for my old furniture, so I just stacked it in the corner -
I moved all the stuff over there on my own and was very proud :P

after my new stuff was moved in, with ALL of the furniture in my room :P

close to final set up - the armorie still needs to go, but my neighbor Thomas, who got all the furniture for me in the first place, doesn't have a space to store it. Ill make another post once everything is finalized :D

For me it was so necessary to get my own furniture, so that I could really feel at home in my new room. And I do !! :D

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  1. Its so bright you're so lucky to have such a great window! I hope all is well :)