Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finally in DK !!

before I left. I was so stessed that my bags were over the weight limit - and they were.
But they let me through anyways

Yayay ! I've arrived in Copenhagen with my weights worth of stuff ! I couldn't be happier. My apartment is lovely (pictures to come) My arrival day was seemless with Sandra meeting me at the airport and helping me bring my bags to my new apartment. My roommate, Eva, is so nice and cool. Then Sandra and I went and got cold Danish beers and split a burger that was delicious. When we got back to my apt we had some wine as well :) Sandra started making lables for my door, bookshelf, table, wall, bed, and chair to help me learn Danish ! Its going to be really tough - especially speaking ! But the only way to get better is just to do it !

mmmm Tuborg classic ! even better because they were free !
our food took forever to come out so the waitress gave us free beers !
that is just fine with me :D

Today I woke up and went for a 5 kilometer run around the lakes near my apartment - so pretty. Then I had some errands to do like register my CPR number - Danish social security number, get some groceries (and a kanel snegl - aka cinnamon snail - aka heaven on earth), and then I was hanging out with my dear friend, Jacob. We walked around the botanical gardens and King's gardens which are both near my apartment. I seriously live in the best location in the city ! It is near everything ! And then tonight, I bought a bike !!! yayay

the Wednesday special from a bakery near my school - Saint Peter's
it is the best bakery in CPH and older than America !

inside the Botanical Garden

So so happy !

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