Monday, August 1, 2011

Trailerpark !!

if I had to live in a trailer - I would def paint it like this !

this is the ArtRebels logo - they are the company that puts on Trailerpark and supports local and up and coming artists around Copenhagen

This weekend was the long anticipated Trailerpark festival. It is an arts and music festival at Copenhagen Skate Park. I went last year with my two good friends, Sandra and Stine, and we had the best time ! It was really impossible to out do the fun we had last time, but this year was also very good. The festival expanded since last year, moving from 3 days to 4, and the festival grounds doubled in size. These factors gave a different vibe, which we all agreed was less intimate and concentrated, making for a completely different experience. It was still awesome nonetheless.

Thursday we wanted to head over early and check out all of the art in the space, before it filled up. I was really impressed with all of the hard work that had clearly been put in, creating and setting up all the installations, hanging art pieces, and set building on the stages.

awesome serandwrap instillation that you could sit, lay, and play on !

cute free standing art piece

this was the rebel stage ! so cool with all the hands ! and note how it is at the top of a skate ramp :D

Friday, we came later and had been prepartying at my apartment. Sandra and I made some salad with shrimp in it, and had white Russians for dessert ;) On our way biking to the festival Sandra was giving me lessons about shifting gears when approaching red lights, and also gave me a lesson on how to fix the chain when it falls off the gears - which proved to be a very handy lesson because it happened about 4 more times that weekend.

pretty accurately sums up my weekend !

Sandra and I getting ready in my bathroom

rebel stage on Friday night !

Saturday I was so hung over. Once I finally pulled myself together to leave the house, around 8 pm, I went over to the dorm where Sandra and Stine live. Sandra prepared an amazing dinner : burritos with ground beef, cheese, guacamole, and vegetables. It was amazing. After eating, I surely thought my hangover would be cured, but it wasn't. In fact it was about the opposite, and a food coma was induced on us all, so we ended up skipping Trailerpark and just laying in bed and having a girl talk all night :P Honestly, I preferred that over forcing myself to go to the festival when I really wasn't up for it.

Since we were feeling fresh on Sunday, Sandra and I went back for the final day of the festival and I'm really glad we did. Thursday didn't have great weather, Friday was mostly a blur ;P, but Sunday was lovely. The sun was shining and it was about 75 degrees. When we first arrived, we weren't really feeling the artists at any of the 3 stages, but as the day progressed we heard some amazing artists on the outdoor stage. My three favorites were : Det Sejler i Effekter, Mikkel Metal, and Motor City Drum Ensemble. Each were electronic artists, but all completely unique and different from the last. Motor City Drum Ensemble was probably my favorite with a very funky, housey vibe. Great for dancing for the last set of the festival.

det sejler i effekter - a very unique group. the guy on the right was using an ipad to put effects on his bass

All in all it was a great time. I'm sad that its come and gone, but I have some great music coming towards me in my future - this weekend another festival called Stella Polaris - but its on Sunday and more of a chill festival. Then that night is the afterparty at Rust with MOBY !!! YAYAYAY ! Then the next weekend is another festival called RAW, which is supposed to be the premier clubbing event in Scandinavia. I will be seeing Benga, Brodinski, and Roger Sanchez, along with many other more local Danish acts. I'm really looking forward to it :D

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