Friday, October 28, 2011


Kulturnatten - Culture night - is a night in October where all sorts of cultural institutions : museums, library, churches, concert halls, government buildings etc... open their doors and hold special events for guests to come see an exhibition, a concert, or what their organization is all about. It really gives such a great atmosphere with people of all ages getting out an about on a Friday night, enjoying everything the city has to offer.

I started with my friend Alyssa by meeting at a cafe near our work to devise a game plan. What we came up with was brilliant and set us on a path for a perfect night ! We started outside of the center seeing a bunch of different things while we worked our way back into town. The things we saw were :
a beautiful sunset in Holmen.

a submarine that is turned into a museum.

the opera house

an exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center about livable cities and new urban developments in Copenhagen and the surround areas.

a traditional nordic concert in Our Savior's Church - note these drunk ravers in the church were not part of the traditional performance

favorite : an acapella concert in the black diamond. i loved the setting, the singers were on a walkway in the huge atrium while people could still be walking around or taking escalator ramps up and down. my favorite songs they sang were black bird from the beatles and black or white from michael jackson

then i met up with Palmar and we went to the official afterparty at the old Carlsberg factory.

it was sooo much fun. we had a great time :) especially dancing to this song :

a chilled out version of chris isaak's wicked game

so in love with CPH and life on this night

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