Friday, October 7, 2011

Raspberry Crumb Cake

You may remember a few months ago, I made dreamcake for my coworkers because I forgot to lock my computer when I was away from my desk. Well I recently was victim of another email hijacking and they wouldn't let it go until I brought in more cake !

I wanted to make something that I had all of the ingredients for because I'm trying to conserve cash (I've made a few purchases already this month: this, this and soon to be these !) I found a recipie for a raspberry crumb cake online that worked perfectly.

As I made it following the recipe, I combined all of the dry ingredients, and then it was time to combine the wet ingredients. I'm reading and thinking 'okay, whats next?' ... milk. whoops ! I forgot that I didn't have any milk. Then I checked in the fridge and saw that Mathew had bought some while he was here so I thought that would solve my problem. Nope - it had turned bad and was chunky ! Then I see in my fridge my plain yogurt and felt inspired. In Denmark, yogurt has a much runnier consistency than in the U.S. I used 20g less of the yogurt than the recipie called for milk, and added 20g of water and it came out great - maybe even better than the original !

this is the container yougurts come in, in Denmark

Once I combined all of the ingredients and poured them into the buttered pan, it was time to add the jam. I dolloped it all over the top and then made a pretty spiral design by dragging a spoon in a spiral and then in slices from the outside in.

Then it was time to make the topping. It was less crumby than I had expected and actually looked like poop before it was baked, but I knew it would taste good anyways :)

My coworkers loved it and the whole thing was gone by the end of the day. I didn't try any because I was on the last day of three day fruit fast - detoxing from an over the top week with Mathew.
can you tell this is in the IT office ? hehehe note the laminating machine in the back :P

Since the recipe I found didn't have a picture and I didn't know how it should turn out, I used yogurt instead of milk, I converted from cups to grams, I did the jam spiral on my own, and I used a round pan instead of the suggested square pan, I consider this my own creation and I am very proud of it. My coworkers loved it and said it was very moist and fluffy. :D

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