Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shopping Saturday

girls dress for Fall in Amagertorv on Strøget - the pedestrian shopping street in downtown CPH

Such a lovely fall day ! I saw the movie Crazy Stupid Love last night with Olivia and Chalen and it was awesome ! Not a cheesy feel good movie because the main topic was all the horrible pain that comes as a product of being in love - young and seasoned love alike, but it was down to earth, funny, so cute. A great way to spend a Friday night, and even better because I felt so fresh this morning and ready to take full advantage of my Saturday.

I woke up early and cleaned my apartment - exciting I know :P but it really needed it. Then I met up with Chalen and Olivia at the Fredriksberg flea market. We had been one time before and found some great deals, and this time was no exception ! I bought a cool vintage blouse for only 15 DKK - $3. I'm going to wear it out tonight with the leather skirt I bought there a few weeks ago.

After shopping, we grabbed some coffee and sat outside at a near by cafe enjoying the sun and people watching.

I had plans to continue my shopping adventure with my friend Bryndis. We got brunch at a cafe, and the potato and leek omelet I ordered hit the spot.

When we moved onto shopping, I wanted to show her the Chelsea ankle boots I had found the day before and couldn't stop thinking about. She liked them as much as I did, and after trying on both boots, I knew that I had to have them. But because I am a smart shopper, I knew from doing some research that I could find them online for almost half the cost. Although it will be hard to wait the extra week or two for them to arrive, saving over 300 DKK ($60) is so worth it. They are so nice - black leather and very classic so I can wear them for years to come !

After walking and shopping around a bit more Bryndis had to go home to continue doing work for her own fashion brand Rosa Bryndis. I wanted to stop in H&M to find some earrings to wear out tonight and found these babies:

We shall see how the whole look comes together...

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