Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mathew in CPH

For the past week my good friend Mathew has been visiting me in Copenhagen. It has been such amazing weather the whole time so we have done a lot of walking around the city and a lot of eating outside ! It's been a lot of fun showing my current home to him. Some highlights from his trip have been :

getting flødeboller and pizza on his first night

taking a canal tour - this picture is where the boat left from - Nyhavn - the most photographed place in CPH

oon the tour - the Royal Playhouse on the left and the Copenhagen Opera House on the right

enjoying the amazing Indian summer !

people watching in Amagertorv...

...and eating nachos !

shopping in the upscale department store Illum - we both really liked these huge oil candles

taking a lovely Saturday stroll through Christianshavn - note all the people chilling on the side !

taking a walk through Christiania - they had such great decorations up for its 40th birthday celebration.
we had planned to take a guided tour but it seems about par for the course that the tour guide didn't show up ;P

going to an Oktoberfest themed party at my old dorm

taking a walk to Nørrebro in search of the perfect hangover cure - fresh air, cake, and falafel

and last but not least - MORE CAKE ! from a fancy cake shop in CPH - La Glace. this one had :
A base of pumpkin meringue, mascarpone, caramelized and salted pumpkin seeds with a chocolate mousse made of 65% cocoa. The cake is filled with raspberries, enrobed with chocolate ganache and decorated with pumpkin seeds.

this one was their speciality and has been being made since 1870. it had :
crushed nougat, whipped cream, macaroon bottom and caramelized choux pastry.

At this point I pretty much feel the way the last photo looks :P I'm sad for Mathew to leave tomorrow but I am excited to get back to my regular schedule, a workout routine, and a 21 day sugar detox !

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