Sunday, September 25, 2011

God Weekend

I had a fun weekend. It was great to spend time with friends and enjoying the last of the good weather ! Friday I went to my coworker, Cheyenne's, birthday party at her apartment in Nørrebro. It was nice and good to spend some time with all of my coworkers outside of the DIS environment. After a couple hours, Olivia and I left to go to a party, at my old dorm - Frankrigsgade Kollegiet. My friends, Jacob and Anders, were hosting the party and djing. There was a jungle theme and I was especially impressed when Anders told me he carried all of the decorations home on his bike !!

I hadn't been grocery shopping since before I left for Germany and literally had NO FOOD, so I took the time on Saturday morning to go to the grocery store. One of the things I had been wanting to make for a while was my own muesli - basically granola that you eat with yogurt. The store bought types that claim to have fruit or nuts in them actually have 95% oats 4% nuts and 1% fruit, so I decided to buy my own ingredients and add extras of my favorite parts. The combination I made had oats, raisins, craisins, cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. I've been mixing it with plain yogurt and honey and its so good !!

The next day I met up for a fun afternoon with a my friend, Stefanie. Our final destination was 'The 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff', in Amager, which my coworker, Joe, had been raving about all week. On our way over there we stopped at Chrisitiania. After sitting by the lake, we got coffee at a small cafe in there, then made our way to the cookoff. When we arrived, I realized what I had pictured in my head had been way off ! For some reason I was imagining it would be a huge festival with hundreds of people, but really it was a small gathering where people from the local community could showcase their chili making talents. There were probably 12 people there, but they all seemed to be having a great time and really enjoying the chili - it was all gone !! It was cool though, they had developed a ranking system and were voting on each chili to ultimately decide who's was best ! I will ask Joe how it turned out.

Today, I took a bike trip with some friends from work, to the suburb Klampenborg, about 12 km outside of the city. Michael, a sweet old man from the accounting department at DIS, sent out an email on Friday suggesting us to go visit Dyrehaven - Deer park - where deers roam freely around the park and you can walk or bike throughout the trails. Besides the amazing fall weather, it was also perfect timing for a visit because its DEER MATING SEASON !!! woohoo !

We saw and heard massive elks persuing the deer. Their mating calls sound unworldly and could be described as a very loud and bellowing burp. Not gonna lie, there were a few times that I was a little bit scared !! There was nothing to prevent them from just charging at us or anyone of the other 100's of families that were all around, but luckily that didn't happen. We had a lovely time biking along the water on the way to the park, and then enjoying some salad, fruit and cake and biking around while we were there.

It was a fun and relaxing weekend :) Next week I'm looking forward a visit from my friend Mathew. We met at Fordham, but now he lives in Miami and decided spontaneously to come for a visit ! I can't wait to see him and introduce him to Copenhagen !

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  1. hahaha amelia, this post made me laugh. miss you <3