Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bike Trip til Køge

Last weekend Sandra, Stine and I rode our bikes from Copenhagen to Køge, an ancient market town, on the coast of Sjaelland, founded in 1288. We rode 80 km (50 miles) roundtrip ! We went just for the fun of it - to get some exercise, but then get ice cream when we got there ! It was warm and sunny which made for a fantastic day. On the way there we stopped and ate lunch on the beach and noticed how peaceful it was to be the only ones there. It was a nice mini afternoon vacation out of the city. By the end of the trip I was absolutely exhausted and it hurt soo badly to sit on my bike seat ! I was proud I made it :)

view of the harbor in Køge

mmmmm my ice cream cone with a flødeboller (chocolate covered marshmallow) on top !
I so deserved it :D


  1. ok Amelia! I just signed up just to post here!!!!
    OMG get that (AMAZING looking ice cream), pack it up, and send that back over to ME! lol It looks delisshhh! Miss you, I just found your blog (thanks to FB creeping) and Love it. I will continue to stalk you here! :-)

    PS - This reminds me of all the candy craving stories from when we were little! "Suzanne,....I smell chocolate!" lol miss you, looks like you're having a blast out there!

    - Karyn

  2. Aw thanks Karyn !! Its so great to hear from you :) :) I'm glad you like my blog ! This cone was absolutely delish and even better after all the hard work I put towards getting it ! :) Its so cool that you are a fitness trainer now ! I know I could definitely take some advice from you, because yes - I am still completely addicted to chocolate and sugar ! But its okay because I am definitely in the right place to embrace this bad habit ! But I just joined a gym here in attempts to counteract my sweets obsession :P I miss you too !! Its really so good to hear from you so if you keep reading please comment whenever !! <3 <3 take care !