Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend !

I had such a good weekend !! Olivia and I had planned to hang out after work on Friday and we had a great time. When we got out, we went to a craft fair that was right by DIS. They had a lot of pretty things, but everything was rather expensive. hahaha as Olivia put it : "it shouldn't be called a craft fair, more like bouge fair" lol ! <3 her ! These were some of the best things I saw :

I love how bright and colorful their display was

these were cutting boards, trivets, and teapot covers with cool prints and patterns

form following function in true Danish design fashion

Olivia and I then went back to my apartment, made a lovely dinner of some salad and baked brie, took a walk around the lake, and then embarked on our adventure of the night. We headed to Østerbro and ended up at a small concert in Faelldparken. When we were pretty bored of it we decided to move on. On our way back into the city center, we passed was seemed to be a wild party going on at a dorm. It was the Egmont kollegium's summer party that was going on for 3 days ! We met a lot of nice people there, danced to great music, and had some cheap Coronas and Fisk shots. When it was time for us to go, we realized that the CityBike Olivia had rode out there, had been taken. There was no way we were going to walk all the way back to my apartment (2+ km) so we tried to both ride on my bike. At first I tried to ride w Olivia balancing on the back, but we crashed almost immediatly after we started. Then we tried it with Olivia driving and me on the back and it went perfectly !! The girl was an expert ! We only took one break, and that was when the police stopped us to inform us my red bike light had fallen off. We picked it up and reattached it and then went on our way :P it was so fun and funny !

Saturday we went around trying to find a used bike for Olivia to buy, but we didn't have any luck. We did have some luck though at Frederiksbrogade Is, an ice cream shop down the street from my apartment :) We both got a cone with a flødeboller on top and it was so nice ! Then I went home just to chill and relax because I had another big night ahead of me. A festival called RAW, which is a massive electronic dance music festival - the biggest in Scandinavia - with 7 stages and over 70 artists.

I was feeling pretty tired and hungover and couldn't really imagine myself going to crazy that night. Around 18:00 I headed over to Sandra's friend's Steffen's house for some dinner and then a preparty. It was so nice ! They had made a delicious lasagna. After dinner, I decided I should bro up and get into the party mood. All it took was a few beers, some Jägermister shots, coffee and Kahlua, and some Sensation dvd's and I was ready !!

lovely Sandra and her lovely cousin, Mia, and Steffen in the background

note the description - RAW energy !

such a good way to get pumped up for a party !

We biked to the festival around 23:00, and I don't know where the time went ! We danced the wholeee night. When the sun came up, that didn't stop us either. Steffen and I stayed until 6:30, and even then I was so sad to leave ! It was just soo much fun ! On my bike ride back I was very pleased to see that Lagkaghuset - one of my favorite bakeries - was just opening ! I stopped and got a kanelsnegl and a musli bun. I definitely enjoyed eating them in my bed when I got home :D


glowstick man !

the remnants of a great festival !

The next day after waking up at 15:00, I went to the grocery store, got some more food so that I could have a real meal, and then made my way over to Sandra's. We decided the best way to end the weekend would be to watch the first two Austin Power's movies. I forgot how funny they are ! Sandra was taking some notes on his mojo skills, and I must say...he's quite groovy.

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