Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sun After Rain

So last night I was biking, on my way to meet some co workers and enjoy a beer in the city. As I was just pulling out of my street, I thought I felt a bit of rain, but I thought 'no...that can't be right' because I had been out riding my bike all evening and in the beautiful sun with clear skies. But surely enough, with the typical Danish weather, it turned out that there was a massive rainstorm on its way and I was about to be right in the middle of it ! I tried to out bike it but that didn't work :P I wrapped my scarf around my head and when I decided enough was enough, I stopped to take shelter under a large awning of the department store, Magasin. I waited it out for 10 minutes then went to find my friends who were also finding shelter, not too far away. Our cute plans of drinking beers in Nyhavn, the most pictureseqe harbor in Copenhagen, had been foiled and we ended up buying beers at 7-11 and drinking on a stoop under an awning. Hehe it still proved to be a lovely evening, with us ending up at a place called The Scotish Pub with another co worker and some Danes she had met. It turned out that I knew one of them, Martin, from when I lived at Frankrigsgade. We had some beer and a lovely conversation, mostly about Americans and their reactions to Danish culture. All in all it was a fun night...despite the rain.

the sky after the sudden rainstorm.
Its always that when the worst storms pass, the most beautiful skies appear.

Martin and I were discussing the difference in Danish and American humor.
He thinks this cartoon is stupid and I think its hilarious.
What do you think ?

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  1. I also think the cat is stupid and not funny but im also a Dane :P