Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend fun :)

Even though my first week at work was filled with introductory meetings, a trip to Sweden, training and not too much actual work, I was happy to relax and enjoy my weekend. Friday afternoon was very stressful for me. At lunchtime my keys had gone missing. I ended up sending out a company wide mass email asking if anyone had picked them up. About 1 hour later, my co intern, Olivia, realized she had accidentally picked them up thinking they were hers !! I was so happy they weren't lost and so relieved to have them returned. That afternoon Olivia and I were also required to do a song/dance performance for the rest of the IT department, as a punishment for forgetting to lock our computers ! We performed Bicycle by Queen and everybody loved it :P

That day after work we had a welcome barbecue at the director of DIS's home in a suburb called Hellerup. I biked there with a big group of interns and it was great. After mingling and enjoying some much needed beers, wine and food, I had to leave because I was also invited to Sandra's mom's 50th birthday party that night as well !

It was much more convenient to bike to their home, in another suburb called Herlev, rather than take the train all the way back into the city and then back out on another line. When I got there I met some of Sandra's extended family and friends. It was a really nice evening and her mom made a delicious meal with delicious homemade sauce ! But the best part was dessert ! There was homemade cake and ice cream, meringues from the bakery, and fresh fruit. It was all so lovely :)

mmmm homemade ice cream ! I want some more right now !

yummmmy !

Saturday I spent running errands and relaxing because I knew that Sunday was going to be a big day !

Sunday was Stella Polaris - a free, all day, chilled out music festival at Østre Anlæg, a park 2 minutes from my apartment. Sandra and I got there around 17:00, and were most excited to see Moby, who was coming on at 18:00. He played an acoustic set on guitar, with a female accompanying vocalist, and a violinist. I was very happy with what he included in the set. My favorites were his originals 'We Are All Made of Stars' and 'Porcelain', and I also really enjoyed some covers he played like Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' and Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wilde Side'. This set was really good, but I was most looking forward to his DJ set that night at Rust :D

sooo many people at Stella Polaris - there were about the same amount behind us too !
Moby referred to it as Woodstock Copenhagen

Moby was already playing when we got there and per usual, he was killing it. Sandra and I had a great time dancing all night. We went to the front by the stage and had the best view. Maybe I was a little over the top but I kept screaming at him 'Moby I love you ! You're a genius ! You rock' :P hehe but I did see him smile a few times. And I think that was probably better than my original idea to make a sign that said 'Marry me Moby'.

thinks he's a god - maybe he is

my knees are in pain after banging them against the stage all night - oops

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