Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do work

Its been a pretty hectic week here at DIS. The Fall semester students arrive on Sunday, so everyone is going a little bit crazy trying to get everything prepared. Our major task in IT is to set up a new computer lab. This is by no means an easy job ! This week we recieved 32 new computers that had to be unpacked, imaged (which means have all of the programs and settings put on), moved down the street to the new facility, and then set up.

so many computers to set up !

one of my jobs from earlier in the week was open every computer, and put additional memory in it. so nerdy.

beautiful flowers in my office make it not so bad ! - but really its not bad at all :D

Today it was mine and Olivia's task to move 32 monitors, computers, keyboards, and mouses (mice ?) down the street to the building where the lab is. It was extremely phyiscally demanding and took the whole day ! Luckily, we borrowed a cart from facilities and that helped alot. The best part of the day was definitly taking turns riding on the cart once everything was unloaded :)

Olivia pulling one load down the street. We must have made at least 5 trips throughout the whole day

me going for a ride ! best part of the day

yayyy i love my job. except for the manual slave labor.

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