Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Running with Danes

Today I participated in the DHL - a 5K relay race in Copenhagen. Various businesses and companies from around the greater Copenhagen area sign up and it is really just for fun and bonding with your coworkers. There are about 250,000 participants over the course of 5 days. DIS ran today - we had about 8 teams, each with 5 members. Every company has their own tent, some large and some small. Also most have a grill outside of their tent to provide the team with a lovely barbeque during and after the race ! It was such a cozy time !

I love that there were Danish flags of top of every tent

My team was - in the order we ran - me, Ariel, Chalen, Kelly, and Olivia. We each ran 5K in less than 30 minutes a piece ! At first it was my goal to get less than 30 minutes, but then I changed it to just not stopping to walk at all. I really surprised myself and did much better than I had anticipated ! It took me about 27 minutes and I ran the whole way ! There was just such great energy all around and it felt so great to be surrounded by a constant pack of running Danes ! Hehe when I got back to the tent where our whole DIS team was set up, I was talking with Bo, an architecture professor, and he was talking about how he was running so fast and zig-zagging around and dodging all of the slow, fat ladies :P hehehe before it started, I had a feeling that there would be some really fast guys who would show no mercy while maneuvering the crowd, and I was right ! All and all it was such a great experience and I am so glad I signed up.

all of the great snacks DIS had for us after we finished running !

the lovely IT department minus our boss, Mads. I love my department sooo much !!

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