Sunday, August 28, 2011

R,R&R Rain, Rest & Relaxation

A rainy Saturday was exactly what I needed after a long, tiring week. While it would have been compltely possilbe, I wasn't a bum the entire day ! Around 13:00 I met up with my friend and coworker, Maddy and we went for a walk around the lakes. We had only walked around 1 when we decided we needed to stop for a break. We got falafel from King Kebab on Nørrebrogade and it was the perfect hangover cure ! And for 15 kr - you can't beat it ! After our pitstop, we continued on and walked around 3 more lakes. Then walked in towards the city center and stopped at a housewares store called krammer huset - think of Target but on a MUCH smaller scale. We shopped around for a bit and I got some spices, cute bobby pins, a flower pot, a DVD and some candy. I knew that I wanted to go home and spend the rest of my day laying in my bed watching a movie and that is exactly what I did. The movie I got was a Danish comedy called 'En Kort, En Lang' translated to 'One Short, One Long'. I went home put the movie in and immediatly fell asleep :P I woke up 5 hours later around 22:00 and decided to finish the movie. It was pretty strange, but entertaining and was a good way to learn some new Danish words by reading the English subtitles. You can read the description here. I had no idea what it was about when I was buying it, but all and all it was perfect for what I wanted it for. It was a great, chilled out day and evening, and exactly what I needed !

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