Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day of Work !

Today I started work ! It wasn't really so much work as introduction sessions. I was actually quite relieved because a lot of the stuff they talked about I had already done on my own in the time since my arrival - get CPR number, get a bike, get a phone, register for Danish classes etc... I felt really good about it, knowing I was ahead of the game and was capable of doing it all on my own. Also, I know I would probably have a panic attack if I had to do all of that stuff on top of work and on top of getting settled had I not arrived early. I don't know why you wouldn't !

After the intro sessions, we broke off into our individual departments and me and my lovely new co intern Olivia, headed to the IT office. Our boss Mads is really nice and cool and we were there with our two other coworkers, Andreas and Chalen, who are also both very sweet. Today Chalen showed us how to reimage a computer - aka wipe everything off (programs, settings, and users) and then put new stuff back on. Then when we were done with that our department enjoyed some beers together !! It was so cozy and I love it already !

this bouquet was waiting for me on my new desk !
I am seriously so happy to be working for DIS, they genuinely care for their staff :)
its so so nice !

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