Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fantastisk Weekend ! Tak DIS !

I had such a great weekend and it was completely sponsored by DIS. My job is seriously amazing. It started after work on Friday when we had our all staff social. It was such a nice time and was a great way to spend time with my co workers in a more relaxed setting, especially because things have been so hectic around the house (everyone at DIS refers to the building/work environment as the house...I think its so cute).

We started with a small picnic in Kongens Have (King's Gardren) with drinks and snacks just waiting for everyone to get off work. It was a such a nice day and was really a great time. Me and a few of my fellow interns tossed around a frisbee for a while while enjoying some Carlsbergs.

cozy picnic

Then we moved onto the restaurant where we would enjoy a lovely 3 course meal and a cozy evening with all the full time staff. It was such a great meal and really a fun time with all of my collegues.

pre dinner champagne

appetizer : potatoes topped with rye bread crumbs, sour cream, and alfalfa sprouts

they of course kept the wine flowing throughout the night

main course : white fish with peas, mushrooms, cauliflower, and greens

good looking table :)

dessert : chocolate souffle with warm fudge sauce inside with vanilla ice cream and caramel on the side

The next day I had to be up at 6:00 because I was was leading my first study tour ! It was really acutally an overnight adventure trip to Sweden, hiking and canoeing. The whole time me and Burke, one of my co workers, kept saying 'I can't believe this is our job'. We were getting paid to have such a great time and yeah we were responsible for ensuring the students had a good time too, that wasn't very hard because all of the activities were so great. We canoed, hiked to Nimis, had a BBQ and campfire, repelled down cliffs, orienteered through a nature reserve, and finished the trip at the same sweet little garden café I had been to back in August where we got vanilla custard hearts and cake :)

these ducks came right up to our canoe because they thought we had food, when I was getting my camera out they were so happy and excited that I was going to feed them, but once the realized what was actually going on, they completely lost interest in us and swam away

Nimis - the Latin word for 'too much' - is located in a nature reserve on a small beach in Sweden. It takes about a 45 minute hike to get to, so it is pretty secluded, and the Swedish government didn't even know it existed until it had already been there for 2 years. In this day, it is not supported or acknowledged by the Swedish government. My guess is because they do not want to be held at all liable for it. It is an interactive sculpture that has been under construction for the past 27 years. It is made out of drift wood, and is completely interactive, so visitors can climp on and inside of it. Its pretty much like a wooden jungle gym that even adults can play on.

me in front of the 25 meter cliff I repelled off of :)

We were really lucky and the artist happened to be there working on it during our visit.
Tak for godt weekend DIS :D

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