Saturday, September 10, 2011

Potato Omelet

I had some ingredients in the refrigerator that I had to use up so I decided to make a potato omelet for dinner.

First I washed and boiled the mini potatoes for 10 minutes. Then I sliced them into quarter inch slices and tossed them with olive oil and a spice mixture. Meanwhile, I heated a frying pan on the stove on medium heat. I dumped the potatoes in the pan and continued to cook them for about 4 more minutes.

Then I whisked together 6 eggs and dumped them on top of the potatoes.

I turned the heat of the pan down to lowish and let the ingredients cook together for 15 minutes. When I came back to the pan I checked the bottom and maybe I let it cook a bit to long, but it was still okay. I put a large round plate on top of the pan and flipped the omelet on to the plate. Then I slid it back into the pan to cook the bottom for 3 more minutes.

It tasted pretty good and was a good way to use up ingredients so that they didn't go to waste !

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