Thursday, September 1, 2011

Simple Curry

I had bought most of the ingredients over the weekend, but didn't get around to making curry until tonight. My inspiration came when I was in Krammerhuset, the homewares store, and I was perusing the spice rack. I bought a large packet of curry because its very versitile and I know I will be able to use it in so many different things (stir-fry, sauce, vegetable seasoning etc). Tonight I made a very simple, yet delicious curry dish. It was soo easy and very healthy !

I only used 4 ingredients in this meal - canned diced tomatoes, miniature organic potatos, chickpeas, and curry. I had some chickpeas in my refrigerator from earlier in the week when I made hummus. They don't really sell canned beans here, so when you want to cook with them, you must plan ahead and soak the dehydrated beans in water overnight.

cutest potatoes

I really didn't have to do much tonight to prepare it, pretty much just throw everything together. First I washed and boiled the potatos for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile I attempted to open the can of tomatos. This was probably the hardest part of the preparation because I realized we don't have a can opener - or at least I couldn't find it :P After a quick Google search lead me to try stabbing and cutting the can with a knife, I decided I should probably just bro up and go knock on my neighbors' door and ask to borrow theirs. A girl opened the door and was so nice and of course let me borrow it and even gave me a demonstration of how to use it. It is a much more simple tool here, but works just as well.

After finally opening the can, I dumped its whole contents into a frying pan, and added the chickpeas. Then I drained the potatos and quareted them and added them to the other ingredients. Then I dumped about 1 - 2 tablespoons of the curry ontop, stirred it all together, and let it cook for just a few more minutes.

It was so good and I felt really good about eating it because I knew it was very healthy. It was such huge portion, but 1/3 of it was only around 270 calories !

On that note, I will also announce that I joined FitnessWorld today - a gym with many locations all around Denmark, and so many centers in CPH. I was a memeber as a student and really liked going to classes, especially Thai-bo. This time I'm really looking forward to taking some yoga classes :)

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