Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Return to Munich !

I wanted to visit my friend Markus in his home city of Munich, and I decided Oktoberfest would be the perfect time to go ! I was there Sunday - Wednesday and had such a good time. Besides going to the festival we walked around the city, did some shopping, went to a bunch of different cafes, went to the Deutsche Museum, saw Midnight in Paris, and just relaxed.

my first lunch : pumpkin soup - so good on a cold and rainy day !

the Deutsches Museum is full of new and old German technology and innovations

we stopped in an outdoor sporting goods store called Globetrotter. It was 4 floors and had a rain and ice chamber you could enter to test out jackets. In the basement there was a small pool where you could also test out kayaks and canoes.

our friend Benedetta wanted to go shopping for a drindl - the traditional dress that women wear during Oktoberfest - so we went shopping to a few different stores before finding the perfect one for her. I saw this hat in one of the stores.

we stopped in a candy store that sold only gummies to get a snack for the movie theater, and even they were playing along with the Oktoberfest theme
Oktoberfest at night. I didn't know it before I visited, but Oktoberfest is really a huge carnival with rollercoatsters, games, and performances, in addition to the main event of beer drinking.

Markus, Benedetta, and me inside one of the tents at the festival.

you know you're on vacation when this is what you're eating for breakfast ! apple strudel with ice cream !

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