Thursday, September 8, 2011


Me and my IT coworkers didn't know if it was a trick or a trap when our boss, Mads, said that we were leaving work half an hour early to go out together for after work drinks, and we certainly didn't expect him to take us out to one of the nicest and most luxurious places in the city.

We went to a place called Nimb, which is a bar/lounge, wine cellar, restaurant and hotel, right next to Tivioli Gardens in downtown Copenhagen. The menu had a variety of cocktails, but I decided to play it safe with a glass of red wine. My coworker, Andreas, decided to go exotic though and ordered the Beeknacker - or something like that. Everyone thought it was so funny when the drinks came out and his ended up being the pink one with raspberry on top :P

For a snack they gave us homemade chips, which were spicy and delicious. It was so nice of Mads to take us out as a thanks for our hard work during the first few weeks of the semester. Again, I love my department, job, and life.

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